Pastor Dale's Sermoan on "Triple Tithing"

Members of Wyrst Pentacostal Church know all about mandatory tithing for the Lord's work but in order for the Lord to bless you better you need to triple tithe. (30% of your gross salary)

Pastor Dale has finished building the Triple Tithe Barn as a halfway point for those who still tithe in cash.
The Triple Tithe barn is situated at the back of the church property. Just follow the sign.
Cash handling has resulted in many of the staff suffering from callouses and RSI. The coins take up too much room and are heavy to cart in the wheelbarrows from the church to the Triple Tithe Barn after church services.
As a result Insta-Tithe machines have been installed at the back of all church pews. Now you can tithe without carrying huge anounts of cash in paper bags to church. Cheques will still be accepted (particularly if they are blank).
Hundred dollar bills are preferred if you are paying in cash. (Rounded up to the next 100)Please do not place coins in the offering plate as they scratch the gold. Notes only.

Kiddies can also join in this valuable minastry using the above FREE Kiddies Tithe Money Box or our special Kiddies Piggy Bank available from our Biblestore.

Use the above diagram to explain to your kiddies how to triple tithe.Some have questioned what tithes are used for. Our edited abridged financial records are open to all quadriple tithers but are shown in the diagram above.

Remember, the Lord loves a cheerful triple tither.

Be blessed!

Pastor Dale K. Whangke