Trust your Pastor Dale K Whangke

You can trust your Pastor Dale K Whangke with any private information at all because he is a pastor.  You can tell him anything about your sins and other private details. Pastor Dale is especially interested in hearing details about sins of lust, sins of gossip in your diary and sins of naughty passwords for financial institutions. All information will be kept in accordance with Wyrst Pentacostal Church's Privacy Agreement. * [Terms and conditions apply.]


Divine Organsiation Chart

Members of Wyrst Pentacostal Church should also note the next most anointed people under that chart, in order of importance and closeness to the Lord, are:
1 - Our anointed Pastor Dale K Whangke
2 - Pastor Dale's hand-picked elders, bodyguards and handmaidens
3 - Those in specially appointed minastries of Wyrst Pentacostal Church
4 - Triple tithe paying members of Wyrst Pentacostal Church
5 - The ordinary members of Wyrst Pentacostal Church
6 - All other Christians who are really not true Christians but merely nominal Christians because they don't belong to our church.

Pastor Dale K Whangke - Visiting preacher at Forest Hills Evangelical Free Church

Our own Pastor Dale will be ministering in the Sunday Morning Service at Forest Hills Evangelical Free Church this week with another anointed sermoan personally given to him by the Lord. He also hopes to collect some donations for his annual missionary journey to the Greek Isles and gambling dens of iniquity in Los Vegas. Remember that the Lord loves a cheerful giver and a triple tither.


Pastor Dale K Whangke's Guide To Heavy Metal Satan Fingers

Pastor Dale K Whangke gave an awesome sermoan this Sunday on the demonic meaning of Satan's Fingers.  Patsor Dale has a new book and dvd series on exorcism of the heavy metal demon available at our Biblestore. Get you copy before they sell out.


Bible personally autographed by Jesus

We have a limited range of bibles that have been personally autographed by Jesus available at our Biblestore.  For a small extra fee Jesus will also highlight all his favourite verses for you and give you an invite to his Facebook page where you can find out about his newest books, dvds, cds and seminars.  Triple Tithers get an awesome 1% disount on all products.

Message from the Lord


Wyrst Pentacostal Christian School Teacher Sacked For Pornography!

Wyrst Pentacostal Christian School Teacher Max Doot has been immediately fired as a result of pornography being found in his student's exam papers.  Chairman of Wyrst Pentacostal Christian School, Steve Meow C Tung, stated that such an horrendous offence deserved the punishment that has been given. Max Doot was suspended without pay and thrown out of Wyrst Pentacostal Christian Church in disgrace. All members of our church are warned to stay away from him.