Testimony Time - Part 2

I love being a member of Wyrst Pentacostal Church because ... like ... you know ... like ... it's just so out there! It's so anointed! And like ... well ... wow!
Susan Cockburn - new member

Wyrst Pentacostal Church is just so super and awesome! I attend all 49 services a week.

Donald McDonald - new member

Jesus Diet & Spiritual Physical Fitness Program

Brother Jack Pootfuger will lead the next term of the "Jesus Diet & Spiritual Physical Fitness Program". We are sustained by the word of God so please bring the bible you are going to use as fibre in your diet.


Without you giving your tithes on your gross wage (never the net income!) I am unable to perform my minastry and you may be sent to hell forever for hindering me in my minastry at Wyrst Pentacostal Church. The most spiritual people give offerings and gifts on top of their tithes. Bob Billings gives a triple tithe and is a very spiritual person.

Tithe collectors are available to help you pay your tithes.

Use a handy Tithe Form

Use one of our many tithing boxes placed around the church.

Become an anointed Tithing Member and use our ATM machines to pay your tithes.

The Lord loves a big bank account for the anointed Pastor of the church.

Special Minastry Maidens

Some of the Special Minastry Maidens that I personally train and supervise. They do a great job spreading the good news under my direction. We hold many of our weekend Special Minastry Maiden Conferences at the Park Palace Motel, Maitland.

Testimony Time - Part 1

Cecil Pitt - New member

STAFF - Part 2

Willy, Milly and Bruce Tilly (triplets) - Worship Team Directors

Darrell Blake - IT Manager

Richie Bogbottom - Church Treasurer

Pastor Dick Shaw - Creative Arts Director

Become a Wyrst Prayer Warrior

Become a Wyrst Prayer Warrior and receive:
- Daily Updated True Gossip Vine List (with names, coloured photos and contact details)
- Daily Prayer Schedule Timetable
- Prayer Request Form (Pagan Version for the unsaved and evilooshunists and backsliders)
- Trew Kristyun Prayer Request Form (for the righteous Wyrst Prayer Warrior)

Cost: a double tithe plus $1000 donation to Pastor Dale K Whangke's Monthly Ministry Tour To The Sydney Casino Fund.

Taking The Gospel To The Streets

We are taking the gospel to the streets of Maitland in our new caravan. It includes Intellyjunt Dezine activities for the kiddies ... and a free bag of lollies.

Tongues-English Dictionary

Now available in our Biblestore.


My Latest Award


What Would Jesus Drink?

Jesus would drink the wine served up to you at Wyrst Pentacostal Church in disposable plastic little thimbles ... and diluted.

Buy it now at Wyrst Biblestore

*Product may contain traces of "Jonestown Red Cordial" and e. coli.

STAFF - Part 1

Rev Gary Gibbon - Assistant Pastor

Pastor Bob "Groovey" Mann - Youth Minister

Bubbles McKenzie - My Personal Assistant


Inside My Church

Typical Sunday Morning Service

The Main Hall

Security Cameras for your safety

Tickets must be purchased in order to assure a seat in the church service.

Transport Division

We have a new fleet of buses for members to get to church

Our removalist service

One of my many cars

Wyrst Pentacostal Church Ministries

Wyrst Bible College

Wyrst Financial Services

Wyrst Christian School

Kamp Kristyun

Wyrst Counsilling Services

Wyrst TV Broadcast

Wyrst Pentacostal Church Details

My main church building

My Office

My Biblestore

You will find my church by following the signs on High Street.



My bible is the Wyrst Pentacostal Church Version available for $50 at our anointed biblestore in Maitland.