Wyrst Pentacostal Men's Shed Expo

Wyrst Pentacostal Men's Shed is holding an Expo in the garage of Pastor Dale K Whangke's Maitland mansion this weekend. The Shed has around 900 members who participate in playing with tools. Work Enforcer Georgie Boyd said the shed was a great help in keeping undesirable pensioner gang members off the streets of Maitland. “They aren't allowed to come in and sponge and have a free cup of coffee and idle talk. They must work with the high quality tools that we lend them and their walking stick weapons must be checked in at the door,” he said.

The activities at Wyrst Pentacostal Men's Shed are funded by million dollar government grants. All the tools are hooked up to an electrical cattle fence when not in use so that the criminal elements in the retired population don't steal the tools.