Public Announcement

As the Rapture is occuring on 21st May 2011 all Church Services at Wyrst Pentacostal Church have been cancelled after that date but tithes are still due right up until that time. We have just 6 days to evangelise Maitland, the City of Excitement, with the good news that Jesus is coming back to kill all the nonChristians. A Welcoming Committee has been formed and all members of Wyrst Pentacostal Church are required to attend our Rapture Service in the Holy Ghost Outdoor Arena beginning at 5 minutes to midnight on Friday. Please come suitably dressed to fly through the sky with Jesus. We will have a huge ad in the Waitland Muckery on Monday 23rd May 2011 explaining why we have all vanished and how the rest of Australia got left behind.

Testimony Guardian

This awesome application is now available at our Biblestore in Jesus' name. All triple tithers get a 1% discount.


Ordination of Pastor Peter Pecker

Last Sunday Pastor Peter Pecker was ordained into the minastry. Paster Peter is now one of the ruling class. One of his first duties at Wyrst Pentacostal Church will be giving a special Seminar on Friday on "How To Pray For Parking Spaces Effectively". There will be a special practical application on Saturday morning at Greenhills shopping centre, Maitland. Book now to make sure you reserve your space in this awesome seminar in the name of Jesus.

New Christian Book

The above book and cd are available for purchase from our Biblestore. This is a favourite of our pastor Dale K Whangke. All triple tithers get a 1% discount.

Pastor Dale's New Limousine

Pastor Dale has a new limousine to drive around visiting pastors when they come to Maitland, the City of Excitement. This is a very special anointed minastry of Wyrst Pentacostal Church which advertises Jesus to the heathens inj our city

True Christian Gospel Group This Saturday

This true Christian group- will be playing at out Youth Service this Saturday night. Tickets available at our Biblestore starting at $99.99 for the cheaper seats.