Drinking Fountains in Bibleland Theme Park

If taking an atheist to our Bibleland Theme park in order to convert them please ensure that they only drink from the Atheist Drinking Fountains and not the Christian ones. We don't want our church members to be infected by atheist germs.

"How To Highlight Your Bible" by Pastor Dale K Whangke

There is only one true Christian way to highlight your bible. As every verse in the bible is God's Word then you must highlight every single verse. Some people have asked me about the Index and page numbers. I highlight those as well because it's all God's Word. Those who miss a verse when highlighting are obviously trying to say that the verse is not God's Word.

Please report anyone with an unhighlighted Bible verse to one of the Elders who will deal with the matter.

Special Biblestore Offer

With every purchase of God's Word we are offering a free "Get Nearer To Jesus Donut". These donuts are Pastor Dale's favourites. Totally awesome!



Some pagan has parked children's tricycles in all of Pastor Dale K Whangke's parking spaces and cemented them in pavement and welded them to the metal fixtures. The Elders and Security Council are reviewing security camera footage to catch the horned culprits who were dressed in red suits, with tails and a pitch forks. The Lord is not amused!

Christian Societyofartists Exhibits worksofart in Mall!

Wyrst Pentacostal Church's own Christian Societyofartists have their worksofart in the Mall! All worksofart may be purchased for a minimum price of $5 000. Pastor dale's favourite workofart is the above "Thump Here" piece by Bazza Humphries. President of the Christian Societyofartists, which was drawn on an old paper lunch bag. Another awesome minastry!