Parishioners happy at Wyrst Pentacostal Church

The Wyrst Pentacostal Church Survey conducted in January 2010 has found that all of our triple-tithe paying full members are happy with Wyrst Pentacostal Church.

Those that aren't happy are not true Christians and were not included in the survey.


Free Meal in February!

Buy any of the yummy *meals pictured above from the Wyrst Pentacostal Chuch Cafeteria in February and we will give you a FREE MEAL from the same menu.

The meals in this promotion are only an incredible **$43.50 each!!!

Another awesome minastry from Wyrst Pentacostal Church.


* Food may be less appetizing and nutritious than that pictured above. Food may include various preservatives, food colouring, e-coli and be made by nuts.

** Price excludes booking fee, drinks, deserts, tables, chairs, plates, knives, forks, spoons, chopsticks etc. which each incur a separate fee. Definitely NO BYO on any of these items!

Evangelism Seminar

Pastor Billy Gote will be presenting a seminar on evangelisim next month. Included in the seminar price is a free copy of his book "How to Answer University Smart Pants With Bible Verses". This book is normally $39.95 at our Biblestore but any church member attending Pastor Billy Gote's seminar will be able to purchase an additional copy for only $35.95! How awesome is that!!! Pastor Billy Gote will also autograph each book for an additional $5 each.

Book now at our church office and recent a 1% discount with the voucher in this week's Waitland Muckery.

Christian Unthinking

Next Sunday Pastor Dale K Whangke will be introducing his new sermoan theme - "Christian Unthinking".

Thinking is a worldly pursuit that Satan uses to:
- undermine people's belief in the bible as God's Word
- cause one to doubt the infallibility of one's Pastor
- cause one to study at secular humanist Darwinian evolutionist universities
- cause one to lose one's born-again salvation
- cause one to commit all sorts of unGodly acts such as listen to rock music, go to art galleries, visit libraries and go to the cinema.
- cause one to become a Labour Party voter
- cause one to have worldly friends.

True Christians let their Pastor do all the thinking for them. That is why your Pastor is annointed by the Lord and receives tithes, offerings and love gifts. Your Pastor does all the thinking for you so that you don't have to. Your Pastor is your Head to whom you are responsible and accountable.

Evey true Christian is like the picture above - headless except for his Pastor.

May the Lord bless this, his holy word.



Christian Electronic Mail Seminar Series

Dr Bob Roberts, PhD (Creationism) will be giving a special seminar on Christian Electronic Mail this weekend. Dr Bob will be giving clear biblical teaching on why one should only use Christian email and not secular humanist Darwinian email which is of the Devil. At the conclusion Dr Bob will be available to *sign copies of any purchase made of his 78 creationist books as well as personally bless anything purchased from his selection of 46 creationist dvds.
Book early with a coupon from today's Maitland Muckery and get a 1% discount!
*A small fee may apply for any purchase under $200.

Come and join the fun!