2010 Minastry Begins In February

As you know, everything in Maitland and Wyrst Pentacostal Church closes down from Christmas to when our Minastry begins again in February 2010. The first sermoan series by Pastor Dale K Whangke in 2010 will be "Satan: He's Here! He's There! He's Everywhere!" This is also the title of his new book available at our Bible Store. Pastor Dale's book will be the guide for our Bible Study Groups next month.

Australia Day Celebrations

Book your seat for our awesome Australia Day Celebrations where we will announce the "2010 True Christian Of The Year". Our Christian school will present a ribbon twirling extravaganza and Christian finger painting exhibition. Our music minastry will be launching it's new cd "Wowie Jesus Jingles Volume 398". Pastor Dale K Whangke will tell us about his Missionary Journey to the casinoes in Los Vegas over the holiday break. Our celebration will end with the annual "BBQ, Book Burning & Bible Bash". How totally awesome!!!

New Geography Syllabus

Wyrst Pentacostal Church Christian School will start the term with a new syllabus that incorporates the latest teaching on Jesus' return in 2012. Note that our nation is part of Oceana which features mightily in the last days. The above wall map - which covers a whole wall - is available free for every triple tithe paying family of Wyrst Pentacostal Church who sends four or more children to be taught in our Christian school. Another of our many awesome minastries!