Maitland Garden Rumble 2009

Once again Wyrst Pentacostal Church is proud to host the annual Maitland Garden Rumble. This year the Garden Rumble features hundreds of Christian Gnomes. How awesome!


Proper Entrance to Church Office

Tradesmen and multi-cultural ethnic type people are reminded that they must use the front door for all business at our Church Office.

Witnessing Across Maitland

Pastor Dale K Whangke wishes to thank our Witnessing Team for their valiant efforts in reaching Maitland for the Lord. The above sign was placed in over 10 000 strategic places all across Maitland. This is a might winess for the Lord and sure to bring in many people to Wyrst Pentacostal Church.

Mistry Of Greeting Seminar

Pastor Greg Watson will be giving a special mandatory seminar on "The Ministry Of Greeting" for all our Greeters next month at our Greta Seminar Centre. Book by next Friday and receive a free *"Lord's Supper Meal". * Limit of one per booking.

Why does Wyrst Pentacostal Church support the USA rather than Great Britain?

Why does Wyrst Pentacostal Church support the USA? The answer can be seen on a comparison of the notes that both the USA and Great Britain use. The USA supports God whereas Great Britain supports that evil secular humanist Charles Darwin. That' why we only accept overseas missionaries from the USA.