Visit our Christmas Decoration

The Christmas decoration atWyrst Pentacostal Church's "God's Waiting Room For Old People" is shown above. Bring the kiddies out and have a picnic underneath the cross! On New Year's Eve at 11;59pm the decoration will be burnt while we sing Jesus Jingles. An awesome witnessing tool and great minastry!!!

Our posters up around Maitland this Christmas!

Wyrst Pentacostal Church is erecting the above poster in all areas of Maitland. This mammoth effort is being sponsored by Hilda Moo John, turkey farmer and Maitland's candidate for the next Australian saint. Each sign will be erected on a crucifix. Our Youth Group is encouraged to meet this weekend armed with hammer and nails to help in this awesome minastry.

Proof of Satan!

The above photo was taken by Pastor Rod N Hart last Christmas in his loungeroom. It demonstrates that Satan is real. Santa is rebuking Satan and Satan is fleeing just as the bible says in James 4:7.


Pastor Dale's brand new throne commissioned next Sunday

Pastor Dale's brand new throne will be commissioned next Sunday. You can also have a photo taken of your child on Pastor Dale's knee after the service for $50. A wonderful Christmas gift that your child will values forever! Please note that the thrones are only for use by Wyrst Pentacostal Church pastors and approved visiting clergy.

Origami Christmas tree ball now in our Biblestore!

The Origami Christmas tree ball is now available in our Biblestore to decorate your Christmas tree. At a mere $4.95 it is great value and all the funds raised by sales go to help the deprived and needy in the Finance Department at Wyrst Pentacostal Church whose bonuses have been cut from the usual $20 000 to a mere $19 000. They have also had to lay-off the chauffers of their Bentleys over the Christmas season.


Have the JOY of the Lord!!!!

This Sunday Pastor Rob McDee will present a sermon on how to have the joy of the Lord. Pastor Rob is associated with "Joy Of The Lord Minastries" and has just completed his nineth world tour to evangelise the heathen in Los Vegas and the Greek Isles. A special Love Offering will be collected. Please only provide notes of $10 upwards as this makes it easier to count before Pastor Rob leaves to begin his tenth world tour beginning with the evangelisation of the heathen at Disneyland the next day.

Awesome Youth Group Concert

Pastor Billy Bob Jr will be the feature at this week's Youth Group Concert. Buy your tickets now from our Biblestore.

Visit Our New Cafe

Visit our new Cafe in High Street, Maitland.


Opening Hours: 10:30 am 11:00am & 1:30 - 2:00 pm Tuesday to Friday of every odd week in a month containing the letter "r".

New Church Members Please Read Our Guidelines

New church members please read Our Guidelines which are available FREE in the foyer.

What would Jesus put under his Christmas tree?

What would Jesus put under his Christmas tree? One of our books from our Biblestore. Use the coupon below and get 50% off or for half price - whatever is less.

Special thanks to the Ladies Book Ministry

A special thanks to the Ladies Book Ministry who have finally completed the blacking out of all naughty bits, mentions of evolution and erroneous doctrine from all the books in our Christian School's library. Bless you all for this awesome minastry.