Follow the signs on the railway lines to find the Wyrst Pentacostal Church stall at Steamfest.
This year, to celebrate 25 years of Steamfest, we are holding a Soiree Under The Spire on Staurday Night at our Christian Takeaway. It will feature gourmet cheeseburgers, Christian line dancing and our own Christian Clown Minastry. Grab a coupon from this weekend's Waitland Muckery or from our Steamfest stall and get an awesome 1% discount off the $35 entrance fee. (*Food not included.)
As a community service to many thousands of visitiors to our City of Excitement we have strategically placed the following helpful sign on every road leading to Maitland.


Global Warming Seminar

Next weekend we are proud to present the Global Warming Seminar which will provide us with the truth about gloabl warming from our own Pastor Terry Hills (PhD in Creation Research). Book your tickest now at our Biblestore. Another totally awesome minanstry from Wyrst Pentacostal Church.


Godly plans for "Operation Wake Up" thwarted by Council!!!

We installed huge speakers on the perimeter of our land and were about to begin "Operation Wake up" last Sunday when the police arrived with orders from Council to shut it down.
"Operation Wake Up" was our Godly plan to wake up all residents of Maitland on dawn each Sunday with some rousing Jesus Jingles and a call to worship just like those Moslems do.
Obviously this is an example of Godly persecution and we will appeal the decision.
Read about it in today's Waitland Muckery.

Jesus turns up at Bible study

Jesus made a surprise visit to the Bible Study held at Rutherford. He did a few tricks with fish and bread and turned the wine into water. Obviously this is a sign that Wyrst Pentacostal Church and its spitirtual leadership is annointed by God!