Join us in worship

Visit us to worship at any of the six services we hold each Sunday. Triple tithers get their pew reserved and a jumbo size thimble of grape juice at ever Communion Service. Awesome!

Jack Bauer School Of Pragmatic Evangelism begins next week

Join up now! Another minastry from Wyrst Pentacostal Church.


New Drop-In Centre

Wyrst Pentacostal Church has opened a new Drop-In Centre in High Street Maitland to minister to the ungodly heathen in our midst. They can come in a buy a Christian Coffee for $5 and get a free exorcism at no extra cost.


Try our new Jesus Burger

Try the new Jesus Burger at our Christian Take-Away. Taste the delicious Blood of Jesus Sauce on a Crucified Minced Meat Pattie with the Lord's Lettuce and New Testament Tomato in a Bible Bun. Supersize with some Fries in Hell. Totally awesome! Only $7.95 with a 1% discount for all Triple Tithers of Wyrst Pentacostal Church.


Awesome new Christian cd!

This awesome new Christian cd is available from our Biblestore at 3 for $25 or $7 each. These awesome worship inspiring tunes are featured in our Soccer Service of a Saturday morning. Bring your own vuvuzela and join in the praise! Win a free vuvuzela by buying a copy of the Waitland Muckery any day next week. How awesome is that!


Books Approved By The Lord

Rural Outdoor Entertainment Centre

Now available at our Biblestore. Fun for the whole family! An awesome 1% discount for all triple tithe paying members of Wyrst Pentacostal Church.