My Story

Life has been a diverse journey that has brought me here.

After dropping out of school at 15 years old and some early work as a sewerage worker, the urge to travel came upon me. A few fiends and I went to Dubbo for a year travelling in a Kombi Van, exploring the sites.

On returning home I was employed for 10 years in the pooper scooper industry.
I was married in 1981 to my wife Elsie D. and in the next few years became the proud father of two beautiful kids - Adam & Steve.

It was during my extended time in a psychiatric unit, that I felt the call to Christian minastry. So my wife and family packed our possessions into two suit cases and moved back to where we started – Maitland NSW Australia - "The City Of Excitement".

During this time I began studying Theollojy and received an PhD in Creationist Pentacostal Minastry from the Oz Christian Diploma Mill.

I am still gathering tithes in Wyrst Pentacostal Church which I planted in 1992. During this time as a pastor, I have been confronted with all manner of awesome perks. Then I discovered that if I became a pastor AND a counsiller I could have lots more perks.

All these things have convinced me that people can make real and lasting change in their lives for my betterment. They do not have to be governed by old thoughts and feelings.

Why not try me as a means of making the changes I long for in your life. After all, all you have to lose is your money!

Be blessed

Pastor Dale K Whangke

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