The Lord's Property, Investment and Laundry Empire

Too much unGodly rumour has surrounded Pastor Dale K Whangke's "The Lord's Property, Investment and Laundry Empire". In an effort to put these false rumours to rest Pastor Dale has described his company as "a way to clean dirty money which is used by many superchurches" such as Wyrst Pentacostal Church. The way his company works is demonstrated in this diagram:

"It is obvious that this is a minastry all done for the glory of the Lord", said Pastor Dale before being taken away by undercover police for questioning. "The cleaned money is safe in the Church Vault & Tithe Safe at the Church Office. Please call my lawyer gain!!!"
Pastor Dale's lawyer said that he hoped Pastor Dale would be granted bail by Sunday for his usual sermoan but he failed to get a suppression order on the case which will be front page news in the Waitland Muckery on Monday.