Our Biblestore as recieved a brand new container of the FAV Bible. The Fundamentalist Authorised Version Bible (FAV Bible) is jam packed with awesome pictures to help in reading "God's word".

It will show you how to correctly praise Jesus.

It has pictures of Adam and Eve playing with their pet dinosaurs in the Garden of Eden.

It shows you how to get INSTANT DIVINE GUIDANCE by closing your eyes, randomly opening the bible and placing your finger on a page. This is a technique used by our own Pastor Dale K. Whangke who adds that it might take a few tries before you get the exact answer that you want.The FAV Bible also gives the correct intepretation of bible verses such as "bring all tithes into the storehouse" explaining that it REALLY means bringing 10% of your gross wage to the church that you are a member of on a weekly basis. (This of course does not exempt TRUE Christians from also giving extra offerings, love gifts and donations of cash to their church as well as volunteering for work on the pastors house and gardens and attending all church services, bible studies, prayer meetings, mens / womens / teens groups and seminars offered by your church.)

It also has coupons in the back which can be used to purchase a free Big Muck Burger with fries at our drive through "After Church Fellowship Fast Food Ball & Chain" *[Offer only available to those who have brought unsaved people to the Lord in the last week and have purchases in the last week at our Biblestore of over $264.].