Sermoan: TRINITY EXPLAINED by Pastor Dale K Whangke

The trinity is easy to explain. Jesus is God and there are three parts to God but it's still the one God. The picture above is sort of what God is like - Jesus with three faces. Now I know the Bible which is God's Word says that Jesus sits at God's right hand side and that Jesus and God send the Holy Spirit to us therefore the above picture isn't totally correct all the time - only when God appears altogether as the one person. Most of the time God probably looks more like the following picture.

God and the Holy Spirit look like Jesus but there are not really Jesus. Jesus is seated at God's right hand side and looks like his Dad ... and of, course, those lovely angels are all around them ... and under their feet. They aren't treading on the angels. The angels are holding them up so that they don't fall throgh the clouds and clobber someone. You can tell which part of God is God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit because of their supergod costumes that show their insignias. When you see someone with a shining golden trinagular halo then you know it's God.

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Be blessed!

Pastor Dale K Whangke