Land Tycoon Donates Statue To Bible Theme Park

Maitland's famous land tycoon, Gilted Hugeone, has donated a marble statue of David for the Wyrst Pentacostal Church Theme Park. Mr Hugeone originally had the statue in the ballroom of his 36 room mansion but but has had to move it due to its clashing with the Sun King decor of his property. "The statue was modelled on my features and reflects my overindulgence of French cuisine and business lunches", he stated. "It was paid for by investments handed to me in brown paper bags by Canned-Doodoo promoters. I'm certainly not going to place it in Cessnock which doesn't value my wonderful idea of paving the Hunter Valley in concrete from the shore to the mountains!" The statue will be unveiled in the central area of our theme park this Sunday. Full story in this weekend's Waitland Muckery.