Winessing in Maitland Park Makes Witnessing Team Sick

The Wyrst Pentacostal Church Witnessing Team have been active in Maitland Park and proved the sign to be correct. A dozen members of our Witnessing Team began vomiting after consuming a healthy chicken and prawn salad Helen Mooning had made with assistance over the last three days by members of the Wyrst Pentacostal Church Incontinent Pensioner Club. The secular humanist doctors at the hospital said it was because of faulty food preparation as the chicken and prawns were left in the sun for several hours but Pastor Dale K. Whangke had a word from the Lord that said the sinful pagans that we were witnessing to made us sick - just like the sign said! Praise the Lord. Wyrst Pentacostal Church Members are reminded that tithes are still due even if a loved one is laid up in hospital as a resuolt of this witnessing campaign.