Wyrst Men's Shed paints slums in Maitland

Wyrst Pentacostal Church donated 3 cans of paint from it's multimillion dollar budget to enable Wyst Men's Shed, Maitland, to paint three roofs of slums in Maitland.  Members of Wyrst Men's Shed played an important part in painting the three roofs seen on the right side of the photo (two red and one green).

"We have been very proud to have been called by Right wing multimillionaire Maitland businessman Horace Goosen to help out and be a part of this project", Teddy Bogmann, manager and work enforcer of Wyrst Men's Shed said. "Up to seven of our geriatric men have been working here about one hour a week when they felt like it. It looks nice and pretty even though all the roofs still leak. But, what the hell, they're only poor pagans that don't attend our church."

If you would like to be a member of Wyrst Men's Shed, Maitland, a valuable minastry of Wyrst Pentacostal Church, then contact our church office during business hours. All members must be prepared to engage in woodwork and metalwork for a minimum 40 hours a week without pay, with toilet and lunch breaks limited to a total of 10 minutes a day.

Another awesome minastry of Wyst Pentacostal Church!