New Financial Controller on Minastry Team

Please welcome our new Financial Controller Pastor Mickey Burns. Pastor Mickey has a long history in gaining maximum profits.  Members of Wyrst Pentacostal Church are reminded that tithing of 10% of their gross wage (or Social Security benefit) is only the minimum mandated by the Wyrst Minastry Team in order to be a full member of our anointed church.  Triple tithers get far more benefits such as an awesome 1 % discount on all items in our Biblestore.

Many members have noticed that Pastor Mickey looks a lot like our own anointed Pastor Dale K Whangke and that is because they are distant cousins.  Pastor Dale and Pastor Mickey used to enjoy outings together as children and often got driven through the slums by their uncle in his Porsche.  However the lines on Pastor Mickey's forehead are from age and the huge line on Pastor Dale's forehead is from his frontal lobotomy.

*[ Pastor Dale here. Dear editor, please remove that reference to my frontal lobotomy from the article before it is published. Oh, and by the way, the Minastry Team have decided to demote you to Toilet Cleaner (with appropriate pay cut) starting immediately. One of the kiddies in Wyrst Christian School has had a bad case of diarrhoea and it needs urgent attendance as the walls, floors and celing of the classroom are apparently splattered. Make sure you fix it up before close of work today.

Be blessed

Pastor Dale K Whangke on behalf of the Minastry Team]