Pastor Dale's New Pets Part Of Ministry Team

As you all know Pastor Dale's Pente Polly has been in and out of Rehab and subject many excorcisms as a result of her being tutored in unsavoury four-letter words by the very people Pastor Dale was witnessing to. Her vocabulary included "Get f****ed you c*** sucking mother f*****! Hey, s*** for brains, pull your head out of your a****! What the f**** would Jesus do? I'll f****** 'expletive deleted' you ,you c*** ! F*** off!" and a variety of other obscenities. Unfortnately Pastor Dale had no choice except to commit her to a Parrot Prison far away from church.

As a result Pastor Dale has bought two new pets more suited to the church environment.

Pastor Dale's goldfish, Adolf, can't talk and swims around in circles in it's bowl.

Pastor Dale's dog, Dick, also can't talk but can chase things such as balls and pussies.  Dick can also do tricks such as dance on your leg.

Be sure to greet Adolf and Dick when you go to Pastor Dale's mansion for counsilling. They are both part of the Ministry Team having been appointed Assistant Pastors.