Our Clown Minastry

Wyrst Pentacostal Church Christian Clown Skool has operated for many years as a vital minastry to the population of Maitland. Its huge clown sign is clearly visible towering over the local Council Chambers.
It is set amongst our specially landscaped Clown Theme Park where kiddies love to amuse themselves for a small entrance fee of $25.
Pastor George Dubya is the Senior Clown Pastor in training all our clowns. His extensive past minastry in the USA and Iraq is an awesome bonus for our church.
One of the great things about being a Christian clown is that you can wear your make-up all day long and always appear happy as though the joy of the Lord is oozing out from you 24/7.

Attending Wyrst Pentacostal Church Clown Skool is also a good option for kiddies who have been homeskooled and play a banjo. They can finally think that they are doing something worthwhile after being rejected from other educational institutions.

Of course, the main emphasis in our Christian Clown Skool is evangelisation. Here is a photo of one of our specially trained clowns witnesssing to a local resident.

If you would like to be trained as a Christian Clown please pick up a Clown Registration Form* from our Church Office.
ATTENTION CHURCH MEMBERS: Suport our Clown Minastry by buying our pork luncheon meat at our deli in the church Superstore and Minastry Centre.


* Some minor fees apply for training in our Christian Clown Skool:

- Processing Fee $250
- Mailing of Acceptance Fee $20
- Tuition Fees $3 000 per week
- Maintenance of Clown Theme Park Fee $17 444 annually
- Face paint, wig, uniform and big shoes $ 53 864 annually
- Deduction of a triple tithe on all procedes from future clowning work
- 1% discount for regular subscribers to the Waitland Muckery (minimum 10 year contract)