As you are well aware, Wyrst Pentacostal Church partakes of the Lord's Supper in the following manner.

A piece of dry bread or cracker is offered on a one only basis. In a simlar manner we offer a thimble of unfermented grape juice.Each person gets one piece of cracker or dry bread and one thimble of grape juice. No more!
It has come to the attention of our Godly Deacons that some people (they suspect the shifty poorer members of our church) have taken more that one piece of dry cracker or bread and more than one thimble of grape juice because they are hungry. Some of the same unGodly people have stolen some of the plastic thimbles which we have reused for the past 50 years!
This cannot continue to happen as it places an extra expense of few dollars a week from our multi-million dollar a week budget. As a result the Deacons will now be carefully watching for any unauthorised double-dealing or theft.
It has also come to our attention that some people have spoken against the Lord's anointed Pastor Dale K Whangke.

Some unspiritual people have question why our anointed Pastor Dale has a different Lord's Supper consisting of the best French wine and specialty bread ... with grapes. (Pictured above.)
The reason is that the Lord's anointed shepherd of this flock deserves to be richly honoured for all his hard work in preparing Sermoans, having business lunches and his many missionary journeys to the Greek Isles and to the Los Vegas casinoes.
This is a warning from the Lord: "Do not touch the Lord's anointed." - 1 Chronicles 16:22