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New research suggests that gravity DOES NOT EXIST!


Creationist PROOF that Gravity doesn't exist!

> Gravitation is a natural phenomenon by which all objects with mass
> attract each other, and is one of the fundamental forces of physics.

1. Because it's natural it's therefore of the devil.

2. Objects don't attract each other, God does it!

> In everyday life, gravitation is most commonly thought of as the agency >
> that gives objects weight.

1. God gives things weight!

> Gravity is responsible for keeping the Earth and the other planets in
> their orbits around the Sun; for keeping the Moon in its orbit around
> the Earth, for the formation of tides; for convection (by which hot fluids
> rise); for heating the interiors of forming stars and planets to very high
> > temperatures; and for various other phenomena that we observe.

1. That's substituting gravity for the things God does!

> Gravity is the reason for the very existence of the Earth, the
> Sun, and most macroscopic objects in the universe; without it, matter
> would not have coalesced into these large masses and life, as we know >
> it, would not exist.

1. Wrong because the bible says that God is the reason for everything.

> Efforts to understand gravity began in ancient times. Philosophers in ancient
> India explained the phenomenon from the 8th century BC.

1. Proof that gravity is inspired by unGodly heathens.

> Sir Isaac Newton published Principia, which hypothesizes the inverse-square law of > universal gravitation.

1. Sir Isaac Newton wrote on the subject of alchemy. Obviously he wasn't a Trew Kristyun and his theory of gravity is inspired by Satan.

2. Gravity is only a theory.

QUESTION: Does gravity exist?

ANSWER: NO, because it isn't found in the bible.


Prove gravity doesn't exist by

1. Quoting the FACT that the bible neer mentions gravity.

2. Jumping off a 10 storey building without a parachute.

Publish your research in the Answers in Genesis "science journal" / rag.


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