Wyrst Pentacostal Church supports Counsillor Ray Fairweather

Wyrst Pentacostal Church supports Maitland Counsillor Ray Fairweather in opening up traffic to Maitland Mall as reported in the Waitland Muckery. Counsillor Ray Fairweather brought us the wonderful psychedelic clock tower in East Maitland which so many people are talking about - though one should dismiss their talk about it being an ugly eye-sore that makes people vomit every time they see it.

Since the majority of stores are closed on a weekend in Maitland Mall it is the sensible thing to do. You can enjoy sightseeing the places of historic interest in Maitland Mall - the closed stores and those which are for sale and lease - in the comfort of your car as you pass from Maitland Mall to Greenhills where the shops are open.
You can also view the only excitement in Maitland "The City of Excitement" as depicted in the photos above all from the protection of your car safe from the numerous pensioner gangs that roam Maitland Mall beating up people with their walking sticks and trying to run over decent people in their walking frames.
Wyrst Pentacostal Church supports the law and order platform of this ex-Warden of Maitland Jail. Maitland needs to become a gated community for Liberal Party voting white Anglo-Saxon Christians who can't be bothered with artsy fartsy material and want everyone to return to the good old 1950s.