Church Closed for Christmas

Wyrst Pentacostal Church will be closed for Christmas Day and reopen for church services and your tithes in Januray 2011. All minastries will be suspended till February 2011.

Till February 2011 Pastor Dale K Whangke will be guest speaker at every church in the Hunter Valley area whose pastor has gone on holidays. Pastor Dale will also be minastering at all available retreats and seminars across Australia (if they provide appropriate 5 star accommodation).

Pastor Dale stated that the the love offerings received in this minastry should boost the funds for the Pastor Dale Missionary Journey to Los Vegas in the new year where lots of cash will be required to minaster to the heathens in gambling dens.

Remember, the Lord loves those who buy Christmas presents from our Biblestore. An awesome 1% discount for triple tithe paying members of Wyrst Pentacostal Church!